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Cucumber | Celeriac


Celeriac requires a very long growing season which begins in March and ends in October. The pre-germinated seeds are used to ensure faster and even germination. After sowing the seeds must stay in dark storage for five days, after which they are moved to the greenhouses. After six weeks the plants are ready to be planted on field.

Celeriac wants to grow in peace and the only tasks there are weeding, irrigation, fertilization and pest control during the growing season. The biggest threat here is the carrot root fly, which needs to be monitored during its flying periods. To help determine the correct controlling time, we have a weather station on our field.

In October the celeriac is harvested with two one-row harvesters that clean the roots gently at the same time. It is crucial to avoid damage on roots and therefore we needed to build also these harvesters by ourselves.