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Christmas trees

We grow several different spruces and firs for the Finnish Christmas tree markets. Our retail lots can be found around the Turku area. We sell almost 1000 trees a year, but the amount is expanding rapidly.

Our main products are Norway spruce, black spruce and Serbian spruce. The Norway spruce is the most popular Christmas tree in Finland, but the two other varieties last longer inside. Black spruce is best suited for people with allergies and the Serbian spruce is the most elegant of our varieties.

We also have a breeding program for Norway spruce; we are trying to find spruces with better growing habits. This is done by cross-breeding and cloning.
It takes 10-12 years to grow a Christmas tree. First three years we grow them at our tree nursery.

After that we plant them on fields or forest 1,3 meters apart. Three or four years after planting we start to prune them to form beautiful, even and conical trees. The pruning takes place twice a year, in March and in the end of July. It is continued until the harvest, but on the last year we try to avoid any big cuts that would leave visible signs on trees.
We are members of Finnish Christmas tree association, Joulupuuseura. This means that we are committed not to harvest any trees earlier than four weeks before Christmas. The marketing season begins about 15th of December.