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Cucumber | Celeriac


At the main farm, we grow seedlings for all our plants. Cucumbers are sown in May, and then grown in greenhouses for four weeks before planting on field. We grow our cucumbers in rows covered with black bio-film. Under the covers, we use drip-irrigation system. This combination enables easier weed control and more accurate irrigation and fertigation. To create warmer conditions, we also use covers above the rows. These are handled with the assistance of tractors.


The harvesting season begins around 15th on July. The cucumbers from 13 hectares are picked by 30 workers with two tailor-made machines. Machine- assisted picking has many advantages to hand-picking into buckets. We need only 1/3 of workers, who are laying on the machine and thus the vegetation remains practically unharmed. This can lead to remarkable increase in yield. Also important is the easiness of work, as there is no bending down or carrying of the cucumbers. The position is designed as ergonomic as possible.

After picking, the cucumbers are taken to factory every week day, as soon as possible to avoid damages. For this purpose we use mainly our own truck. The picking season continues to September, after which the plants are crushed and the irrigation system is removed.