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Working at the farm

Every year we hire several seasonal workers. We have had people from The Baltic countries, Poland, Bulgaria and Southeast Asia. The high season is from beginning of July to early September, at that time we have over 30 workers. Some workers are needed from beginning of May to October. During the high season the work is mainly cucumber picking.

We offer our workers accommodation and 4 meals a day. We have twin rooms and some common areas. All the facilities are in good condition, and generally all our workers have been satisfied. Besides working, we try to arrange some activities and introduce you to nearest cities. We also try to take care that working and living conditions are safe at all occasions. Working in another country is a great experience, and living at the farm is also a good chance to get introduced to other cultures and languages.

If you are interested to come to work, please contact us by e-mail and tell us a little about yourself: who are you, how old are you, where are you from, what are you doing/have done, what languages do you speak and how did you find out about this farm. If you plan to come with your friends, it is also good to mention their names, or maybe you can apply together!

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